CEO Greetings

Let us introduce AD Biotech's technology that can replace vaccines and antibiotics.


With continued R&D and passionate challenges, we will grow into a bioscience company drawing attention.

Welcome to the website of ADBIOTECH Co., Ltd.

Established upon the new millennium, ADBIOTECH Co., Ltd. researches to develop substitutes (IgY, Immunoglobulin in Yolk) of a new concept for vaccines and antibiotics, oral antibody products for humans, livestock, and fisheries, and environmentally friendly products such as functional food additives.

As our goal is to obtain individual certification for each health functional food in the human body product market, we are eager to develop the natural drug for helico-IgY, cholesterol IgY, and ulcerative colitis.

Also, we are a bioscience company exporting livestock and fishery products with high global competitiveness
and strive to leap to a higher position.

We will get back to our customers with global bioscience leading the more advanced IgY field.

Thank you

CEO of ADBIOTECH Co., Ltd. Hong-gul Cheong