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About Technolog

Introducing ADBIOTECH’s technology intended to replace vaccines and antibiotics.

For you to eat safe food,
ADBIOTECH’s Central Research Institute strives to research technology and develop products.

ADBIOTECH’s Central Research Institute is an affiliated research institute certified by the Korea Industrial Technology Association and was established to research and develop pharmaceuticals, oral antibody products for livestock and fisheries, and food additives using egg yolk antibody (IgY) technology. Through industry-university collaboration, this research institute is leading national research projects for new and diverse products with the goal of “safe food for us”
for medicine, livestock, and fishery
Yolk antibody technology
for specific diseases in humans and livestock
Natural substances
to enhance immunity


It shows the current status of patents held by ADBIOTECH.

  • 35
  • 12
Trademark Rights
  • 21
  • Preservation method of yolk antibody
  • A Solution for Preservation of IgY
  • Feed additive composition for reduce stress and anti-inflammation
  • Composition of food additives of Piglets containing IgY from egg yolk for preventing of porcine epidemic diarrhea or transmissible gastroenteritis
  • Yolk antibody for Helicobacter pylori
  • The method of preparing an inactivated vaccine comprising antigen-antibody complex and the use of thereof as veterinary composition
  • Antibody for shrimp’s early mortality syndrome and white spot syndrome virus, and applications thereof
  • Yolk antibody for Helicobacter pylori and uses thereof
  • Long-Acting microbial agent for controlling Meloidogyne spp. In plants and preparing method thereof
  • Manufacturing method of immunoglobulin Y for preventing or treating pig digestive diseases, and immunoglobulin Y thereby and the use thereof
  • Manufacturing method of immunoglobulin Y for preventing of treating salmon rickettisia septicaemia
  • Manufacturing method of immunoglobulin Y against Helicobacter pylori
  • Manufacturing method of immunoglobulin Y for preventing of treating obesity through repression of cholesterol absorption
  • Food composition for repression of hyperlipidemia and obesity through repression of intestinal cholesterol absorption(21 other cases)
11 Exclusive license

IgY technology

  • Applied the principle that antibodies are made in the body after vaccination and the formed immune antibodies are passed on to offspring.
  • Immune antibodies of oviparous animals are produced, accumulated, and transmitted through the yolk of the mother.
  • ADBIOTECH owns special technology that enables to control of diseases by applying lgY technology (heterologous antibody technology) to various products.

IgY(Immunoglobulin in Yolk) Technology

Immune antibodies are produced by using the yolk


Direction of IgY product development

  • Fields with no fundamental treatment to combat viral diseases
  • Diseases that vaccines cannot prevent
  • Aquatic organisms cannot prevent disease with vaccines because they have only a non-specific immune system
  • When the use of antibiotics was banned due to antibiotic residue and issues of food safety
  • Fields without antibiotics and treatments due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Expansion of IgY technology

  • IgY is much more convenient to administer than vaccines because it prevents diseases by oral administration in a way that delivers passive immunity.
  • IgY technology enables rapid response to the latest trend
  • IgY is an egg-derived antibody, a disease-resistant material with secured safety
  • Applicable to the human body (health functional food)
  • A natural material applicable to various products

Production capacity

Can respond to orders of large quantity depending on production facilities, antigen libraries, antigen production, and vaccination programs

  • 01
    Production facility
    Antigen produced in a facility approved for Biosafety level 2
    Established and standardized mass production process for viruses, bacteria, and recombinant proteins
    Optimized mass production methods for each antigen
    Produced raw materials and established a systematic quality management system
  • 02
    Antigen production
    We have the technology of manufacturing antigen to produce products with high antibody titers differentiated from other companies
    We have the technology for manufacturing complex antigens for virus and bacteria complex antigens and recombinant proteins
    We have the technology to concentrate and refine highly concentrated antigen and antibodies and a patent registered for thermal stability.
  • 03
    Antigen library
    There are about 300 species including viruses, bacteria, and recombinant antigens that cause digestive diseases
    Continuous analysis and application of new disease pathogens
    Producing recombinant protein for disease-causing agents that cannot be applied, such as parasites, cholesterol, and fertilized egg culture
  • 04
    Vaccination program
    Research on the combination of complex antigen that can produce optimal antibody titers against existing and new antigens
    Optimized the program through preliminary tests for the vaccination intervals for complex antigen/vaccine amount, the number of vaccination, etc.
    When a new antigen is developed, we search for an optimized ratio through a preliminary test, and carry out mass vaccination of the farm

ADBIOTECH’s differentiated technology

icon Patented technology for antigen-heterologous antibody complex manufactured with high titer IgY
icon Established a response system to deal with outbreaks of circulating viruses
  • 1.Owning antigen library → Changing to circulating viruses
  • 2.Monitoring circulating viruses → Isolating and obtaining wild circulating viruses
  • 3.Securing SAB, the latest information → Changing the composition of complex antigens
icon IgY produced as an optimal complex antigen can simultaneously inhibit viral/bacterial diseases. Contains IgY against 5-7 types of disease-causing bacteria (average of other companies: contains 3-4 types of IgY)
icon Expanding entry into the global market with highly potent/high-content IgY production technology
  • 1. Comprising complex antigens with the latest circulating viruses considering the target market
  • 2. Producing highly potent IgY with the patented technology; Check the comparative advantage of high titer IgY compared to local products
  • 3. Validating effectiveness of IgY through local universities or specialized research institutes
  • 4. Exporting/selling IgY products to 10 countries, including China and Japan