Introducing ADBIOTECH’s technology intended to replace vaccines and antibiotics.

Endless R&D
Spirit of passionate challenge

ADBIOTECH continues to challenge itself.
  • 2021.07
    Certified for green technology
  • 2021.04
    Designated as a global hidden champion
  • 2021.01
    Certified for Intellectual Property Management
  • 2020.12
    Commendation from the Minister of SMEs and Startups (Merit of Venture Business Promotion),
  • and Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy (Technology development for materials and parts)
  • 2020.09
    Received the R&D award at Gangwon Economics Award
  • 2019.12
    Listed on KONEX
  • 2019.10
    Received the Encouragement Award at the IP Management Contest for SMEs
  • 2018.12
    Received the Gangwon Export Special Award (Field of the rapid growth of export)
  • 2017.05
    Certified as a global IP star company
  • 2013.12
    Awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower on the 50th Trade Day
  • 2012.09
    Received the Gangwon New Technician Award
  • 2012.05
    Awarded the Prime Minister's Commendation as an exemplary SME
  • 2012.03
    KVGMP certification
  • 2009.12
    Commendation from the Ministry of Knowledge-Economy
  • 2007.08
    Recognized as an affiliated research institute
  • 2007.05
    INNO-BIZ certification
  • 2006.01
    ISO 9001 Certification